International talent attraction and employer branding for academia

We’re a strategic partner in the research domain. We strive to support the internationalization of research and encourage more people to pursue an academic career.

A digital strategy to attract top international talent

Our talent-attraction model is a digital recruitment marketing mix built around a three-step process to increase international academic talent at our partner universities and institutes.


Building awareness amongst academics worldwide

Our network audience of 20 million academics, combined with unique targeting options allow us to run highly relevant recruitment marketing campaigns on social media, and to help build awareness about your university.

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Influencing candidate consideration for your institution

We use storytelling to increase engagement within your preferred audience. By creating compelling stories and content about you as an employer candidate consideration for your institution will increase drastically.

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Increasing international applications to your university

With more than 2 million international candidates annually, Academic Positions will help grow international applications for your PhD, postdoc, faculty positions and professorships. Academic Positions provides uncompromised worldwide reach amongst academics and scientists interested in an international research career.

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